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Located south of the magnificent Lévézou plateau, singled out by the authenticity of its landscapes and its inhabitants, Alrance flirts with the forest of the Lagast, a springboard that plunges us towards the neighbouring Ségala. Like an "arena" where the main village is the centre, the commune of Alrance is crossed by the stream of the same name, which divides it from north to south. The periphery is bordered by hamlets surrounded by wooded areas,  overlooking the village with an altitude difference of 100 to 150 meters.

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On the outskirts, the Peyrebrune Tower overlooks the village. The last vestige of a medieval castle, this tower was restored at the end of the 20th century.

A traditional restaurant in Alrance.


This village of 800 inhabitants is intimately linked to its neighbour of Alrance. Separated since the 19th century, the two communes have again linked their destiny with the construction of the dam, and the impoundment of the lake in the 1950s.

In Villefranche-de-Panat you will find: bakery, food, press / tobacco, banks, doctor and post office.

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Situated at the extreme south of the Massif Central, at the foot of the plateau of Larzac forming the last step towards the Languedocien country, Millau is a city of great diversity.

The confluence of the Tarn and the Dourbie, as well as the natural richness surrounding it has allowed, since the first century, for pottery to be exported over the whole of the Roman empire. In the 19th century, a new industry was established, creating the city's reputation for leather and gloves.

Today, Millau has retained its know-how, and has also been able to showcase the natural richness of its site, becoming the capital of outdoor sports.

Lakes to discover

The Lévézou is located in the heart of Aveyron between Rodez and Millau, and is an ideal holiday destination. With your family, on your own, as a couple or with friends, Le Lévézou, country of the lakes in Aveyron, welcomes you for holidays in
the country if you an amateur of hiking, water sports, swimming and history.

The 5 lakes include Pareloup (5th largest artificial lake in France), Villefranche-dePanat and Pont-de-Salars each with 2 beaches. The lakes of Bages and Gourde are reserved for fishermen.

The Pareloup lake is located in the region of Aveyron, between Rodez and Millau at 805 meters above sea level.

With an area of approximately 1,290 hectares, this is an artificial retention border resulting from the construction of a dam by EDF.

The lake is highly prized and sought after by summer vacationers and fishermen for the numerous predatory, trouting and other activities. And for swimming, a boat trip and of course fishing, to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake or the
superb viaduct of Millau.

Flights are from Rodez-Marcillac airport, which is 40 km away from the lake.


Micropolis - The city of insects

Dive into the heart of nature for an exceptional discovery of the fascinating world of insects.

Micropolis consists of 15 exhibition rooms, a 3D cinema, an exhibition "les insectes du jardin", a restaurant and a shop on 2,400 m², sheltered by an exceptional architecture.

You can observe more than 70 living species, thanks to the butterfly greenhouse, the giant anthill, the vivariums room and the pond.

12780 Saint-Léons
Tel : 05 65 58 50 50 – Fax : 05 65 58 50 58

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